Okefenokee Swamp Park

Waycross, GA
What all can we do here?2021-03-23T04:08:09-04:00

We have General Admissions which includes a self-walking tour, eye on nature show and a guided tour on the Okefenokee Railroad.  Adults-$20, Kids-$19 (ages 3 & under), 2 & kids under are Free.

How long does everything take to do it all?2021-03-23T04:08:36-04:00

Generally about 4 hours.

Will I see alligators?2021-03-23T04:08:58-04:00

This is a wildlife refuge and everything is real and not staged or fake. We do use baby alligators in our shows and we do have some mature alligators in their natural habitats along our boardwalk for your viewing.

Is there a charge for Parking?2021-03-23T04:09:28-04:00

No, not at this entrance in Waycross.

What are the Park hours?2021-03-23T04:09:49-04:00

Open at 9am close at 5pm.

What time does the last boat depart?2021-03-23T04:10:16-04:00


When does the first boat leave?2021-03-23T04:10:39-04:00

Generally 10am but with a reservation at 9:30am

What time is the last train? What are other train times?2021-03-23T04:11:56-04:00

The last train is at 4:30 pm.

Train times are 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 4:30pm.

What time is the last show, and what are other show times?2021-03-23T04:12:54-04:00

The last show is at 4pm.

Other show times are 10:30am, 12noon, 2pm and 4pm.

Do you have a picnic area?2021-03-23T04:13:22-04:00

Yes, with restrooms (first come, first serve availability)

Do you sell food or snacks?2021-03-23T04:13:57-04:00

We do not have a food service at Okefenokee Swamp Park but we do sell snacks and drinks.

Do you operate your boats and train in the rain?2021-03-23T04:14:21-04:00

Yes, but not if lightning is nearby. No refunds for bad weather.

Do you have group rates?2021-03-23T04:15:44-04:00

Yes, and the rates are for groups of 12 or more with a reservation.

Adults without boat tour $15, Kids (ages 3 to 11) without a boat tour $14

Adults with boat tour $19, Kids (ages 3 to 11) with boat tour $18.

Can I bring my dog?2021-03-23T04:16:09-04:00

NO… Alligators are wild, dangerous and unpredictable and dogs may be seen as a snack/meal.

Do you have hiking trails?2021-03-23T04:16:28-04:00

No, but we have several miles of boardwalks and a 90 foot observation tower and a release of liability is required to enter the park.

Are the mosquitos bad?2021-03-23T04:16:46-04:00

During the day the mosquitos are not out (only at dusk & dawn). There is a yellow fly season that runs roughly from June thru August and insect repellant is highly recommended.

Do you have a group meeting facility?2021-03-23T04:17:06-04:00

Yes, Cypress Cove Annex, Mon.-Fri. rental is $200 per day and Sat. & Sun. is $250 per day.

Do you rent boats here at Okefenokee Swamp Park?2021-03-23T04:17:26-04:00

No, however you can rent one at our sister operation Okefenokee Adventures in Folkston, Ga.  Call 912-496-7156 to reserve one.

Okefenokee Adventures

Folkston, GA
OK, I’m here… Now what is there to do? Can I go out on my own?2021-03-23T04:00:15-04:00

The Okefenokee offers a lot to do, see, and experience! Arrange for a guided interpretive tour with one of our naturalists or explore the swamp’s waterways on your own by canoe, kayak or boat. Drive or bike Swamp Island Drive to access miles of walking trails, the historic Chesser Family Homestead and the boardwalk to the 50’ observation tower. Browse in our gift shop and relax on our screened-in porch while enjoying the best food in the swamp from our Camp Cornelia Café. As a partner with Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge’s public use program, it is our job here at Okefenokee Adventures to help you have a memorable and rewarding Okefenokee experience.

What can I do on dry land?2021-03-23T04:00:49-04:00

Swamp Island Drive is a 7.5 mile round trip self-guided driving tour with numerous walking trails along the way. The main highlights on this drive are the Chesser Island Homestead and the boardwalk to the observation tower. You can explore by car, bicycle, and on foot.

The Chesser Homestead is an historic swamp family home originally built in 1927. It’s a great way to see how swamp pioneers lived during those times. Depending on the time of year, there may be a docent available providing tours and interpretation. There are several sheds surrounding the home displaying old tools, livestock pens, and cane syrup production.

The boardwalk is ¾ mile long and runs through dense swamp growth and open prairie. It has sheltered rest stops along the way and ends at a 50-ft. observation tower with an extraordinary view overlooking Chesser Prairie.

There are shorter walks around the boat basin and along the Suwannee Canal. And for kids, young and old, there is an Animal Olympics ‘playground’.

Do you have group rates?2021-03-23T04:02:11-04:00

We offer discounted group rates. A group is considered 10 or more people who have made a reservation at least 24 hours in advance and who will pay the total charge in one transaction.

What are your hours?2021-03-23T04:03:09-04:00

Okefenokee Adventures

Open:  7:30am daily

Close:  4:30pm daily November through February;

6:30pm daily March through October

The Refuge main entry gate

Open: ½ hour before sunrise daily

Close: 5:30pm daily November through February;

7:30pm daily March through October

What is the admission cost?2021-03-23T04:03:47-04:00

As the main entrance to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, the refuge charges a per vehicle entry fee of $5 which allows access for up to 7 consecutive days at this entrance and at the Stephen C. Foster State Park entrance, in Fargo. Vehicles carrying a passenger holding  a valid Federal Duck Stamp, an America the Beautiful Federal pass such as a Senior, Annual, or Access pass will have the entry fee waived.

Is the Center a part of the National Park Service?2021-03-23T04:04:10-04:00

Okefenokee Adventures is the Visitor Services Contractors  located inside the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge which is part of the US Department of the Interior.

Do you offer rain checks due to inclement weather?2021-03-23T04:04:35-04:00

In the event that Okefenokee Adventures cancels a tour due to inclement weather we will offer a rain check or a refund.

Can I bring my dog?2021-03-23T04:04:52-04:00

Dogs are allowed inside the refuge but must be on a 6’ leash at all times. They are allowed on all walking trails except the boardwalk. Only certified service animals are permitted on our motorized tour boats. We don’t recommend dogs in canoes and kayaks due to the presence of alligators.

Is there a charge for parking?2021-03-23T04:05:14-04:00

There is not a separate parking charge. The refuge entry fee covers this.

How much walking can I expect?2021-03-23T04:05:34-04:00

You can walk as much or as little as desired. The walk from the parking lot to our building and the boats is very short. There are several walking trails that are as short as ½ mile or as long as 1.5 miles round trip.

Are the trails stroller or wheelchair friendly?2021-03-23T04:05:54-04:00

Most of the trails are stroller and wheelchair friendly.

How much time does it take to do everything?2021-03-23T04:06:16-04:00

It depends what everything is. Most folks spend an average of 4 – 4.5 hours if they participate in a 90 minute guided boat tour, eat lunch and drive Swamp Island Driver to visit the Chesser Homestead and walk the boardwalk to the observation tower. For those wanting to paddle on their own, we recommend having a minimum of 2.5-3 hours. Of course, more time allows for time to explore.

Can I bring my bicycle?2021-03-23T04:06:38-04:00

Yes. You can bring your own bicycle or rent one from us. Most folks bike along the 7.5 mile long paved Swamp Island Drive or drive along the refuges 4 mile long entrance road.

Can I bring my own food?2021-03-23T04:06:56-04:00

Yes, You can bring your own food. There is a covered pavilion and several picnic tables available for public use. Okefenokee Adventures has a variety of snacks for sale and the Camp Cornelia Cafe serves sandwiches, salads, burgers and fries and other selections of really good food to eat inside the café or on the attached screened-in porch.

Do you allow smoking?2021-03-23T04:07:13-04:00

Smoking is permitted on the refuge grounds but not within 25’ of any building. Smoking is not permitted on tour boats. Cigarette butts must be tamped out and disposed of in proper receptacles.

Note: All rates are subject to GA Sales Tax.

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